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Though disposable syringes are considered to be safer than reusable syringes, they need careful use. Disposable syringes are safer than reusable syringes because these disposable syringes are made for one use only and then they can be discarded. Disposable syringes are not required to be sterilized and therefore, there is no risk of spreading infection due to bad sterilization. The fact that disposable syringes can be discarded after a single use, does not mean you can be careless with them. In this blog, we are going to share some common precautions you should take while dealing with disposable syringes.

  • Don’t use any disposable syringe where the package has been torn or damaged. A torn packet is exposed to contamination by dust, debris, and even unhygienic handling. To avoid such probabilities, buy disposable syringes from a reliable disposable syringes supplier who will exchange any packages that have been tampered with in any way.
  • Disposable syringes should not be touched with fingers or any other thing except sterilized cotton if required.
  • While administering medicines with a disposable syringe, you should make sure the patient remains still. If the patient moves during injection, the skin may be pierced in an unsanitary way. This can lead to infection and should be avoided.
  • Disposable syringes should not be thrown out just anywhere, They should be properly kept in a sharps bin with a lid, which is closed at all times and opened only to dispose of syringes. Moreover, the bin should be emptied before it is completely Emptying the bin should be done in accordance with your city’s medical waste disposal regulations to ensure environmentally friendly removal of disposable syringes.

Taking care of these precautions will protect both you and the patient. So, you should start implementing them immediately.

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