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Having trouble in deciding what bottle can be the rightchoice for storing your essential oils? This blog is for you. We have provided three options below:

Boston Round Bottles

Boston round bottles can be an excellent choice for your essential oils because these bottles can protect the oils from harmful ultraviolet rays when exposed to the sunlight. Moreover, these bottles have tight caps that do not allow the oils in the bottles to come in to contact with the outside atmosphere which can affect the quality and life of the oils.

Glass Roller Bottles

Glass roller bottles can also serve your needs. You can use these bottles to package essential oils. The best thing about these bottles is that they allow direct application of oil to skin/ surface. Depending on your use of essential oils this feature makes them a good choice for storing your oils.

Ombre Glass Bottles

Ombre glass bottles are another great option to package essential oils. These colorful bottles tempt customers to inquire about your products from the shopkeeper or their staff. Moreover, these bottles also allow direct application to skin/surface.

You can choose any of the above mentioned bottles for packaging your essential oils. If you are thinking to run a promotional campaign in which you want to give-away the oils to some of your target audience, then dram bottles are things to go with. These vials comprise essential oils in a very small quality, so these are considered to be the best choice for offering the test packs to customers. These bottles will allow you to giveaway your products to a large number of people without affecting your bottom line much.

We provide high quality bottles at most competitive prices. To get the best bottles for your requirements, contact us now.

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