Closed Containers

Closed containers are used to protect medicines from external influences. These bottles are water and air resistant, so they protect the quantity and quality of the medicines, insulating them from potential damage.


Plastic and glass bottles are used for packaging both pills and liquids. These pharmaceutical bottles are made with less marked necks and flat bottoms, to protect the medicines from superfluous materials.


Manufactured of tested glass materials, droppers or ampoules are primarily used for packing medicines in small quantities. Mostly, single use medicines are packaged in droppers. These medicines are sealed with fusion to break open. Powder-filling and ampoule-labelling machines are used for packaging ampoules.

Remedies vials

Remedies vials, covered with an over seal,are small pharmaceutical containers suitable for parenteral medicines. These are used to package medicines of both single and multiple dosages. However, remedies vials need to be handled with care, because they are delicate. These are packaged with injectable powder filling machines and dry syrup powder filling machines.

You can fill medicines in these containers using different packaging machines, such as powder packaging machines, pouch packaging machines, liquid packaging machinery, and bottle packaging machines.

In addition to considering the right machines, you need to consider high-quality packaging materials as well, to ensure the packaging material will not react with the medicinal ingredients and change their formulation. The packaging materials must be capable of avoiding external influences, such as oxygen, heat, light, and moisture.

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