Amidst the vaping communities all over the world, it has always been believed that quality and not quantity of e juices makes up a great vaping experience. Low cost, low quality e-liquids are not well preferred even by the people turning towards e cigarettes to get rid of their habit of smoking. As a beginner, they invest in good quality e juices available in wide variety of flavors to experience modern trends of vaping. But along with such an experience, it is equally important to think about the life of e liquids, the time period for which their quality remains unaffected. Do you know for how long will the e liquids you have purchased have their flavors preserved? If not, here is what you should know about it:

E Juice Life When Bought in Bulk

A lot of regular vapers prefer to buy e liquids as per their likes in bulk to avoid purchasing them daily. Since not all the e juice varieties they have purchased will get consumed in a day, their storage becomes very important.  In preserving the flavor of your e juice till the time it reaches to the vaporizer for vaping, the way you store determines their quality and their lifespan. The more you protect them from heat and light, the longer will be the time you can vape them without feeling the loss of flavor. While there are propylene glycol, vegetable glycol and other constituents making up the e juices, you need not to worry about them if you are storing the e juice properly.

Transferring E Juices from Plastic to Glass Bottles

Even though the composition, flavor and color of different e juices vary, they all can be stored in a common way for longer lives. The simplest protective way for e juice storage is to keep them away from sun and in cool places. Since most of the e liquids are sold in small plastic bottles, it is best to purchase e liquid glass bottles online and pour the liquids in them for storage. So, making use of glass bottles for e liquid storage along with keeping them in the shades is how you can add up more life to your favorite e juice flavors.