Plain, simple, and classy, glass containers look attractive and add to the shelf. They are available in different stylish shapes and colours. Glass is recognized as the best material for storage-related requirements. But, it has its limitations too.

When we look at plastic, we found this to be convenient in terms of carrying it. You can easily grip a plastic bottle with your hand and carry it with you in your hands or pocket. However, plastic bottles have their own limitations as well.

So, which of these should you choose for storing your e-liquid?

Let’s compare these two in several terms. They will help you make your decision.


Glass bottles can smash, which can cause injury. But if you can protect glass bottles from being smashed,they are completely safe.Some plastic bottles may haveharmful resins. So, you must inquire regarding their presence in the bottles. LDPE and PET plastic bottles are safe.


When you compare these two bottles in terms of reuse, then plastic bottles cannot beat glass bottles, because glass bottles are ready for another use once your e-liquid is finished. You can wash the bottle and reuse it. On the other hand, plastic bottles are not appropriate for reuse. Plastic bottles are porous in nature, so the e-liquid enters the pores of the bottles and sticks in them.


When it comes to flavour, you get the exact flavour of the e-liquid that the manufacturer provides in an e-liquid glass bottle. On the other hand, plastic may have some chemicals that may react with the chemicals in the e-liquid, so the taste may be a bit changed.


Glass can be recycled many times. Most companies prefer recycled glass for their products, because making products with recycled glass requires less energy than new glass. On the other hand, plastic breaks down in the course of recycling, so they are not appropriate for multiple recycling. You can recycle them only once. Then you cannot do anything with them, other than dumping them in a landfill.


Glass is perhaps the best choice for e-liquid, if you can protect it from being smashed. But, if you don’t want to take a chance, you can consider LDPE or PET plastic bottles instead.