Do you want to purchase plastic jars for packing your products? Then you should consider these five facets we are going to inform you about in the blog.

Jar Type

The most important point to consider should be the jar type. You cannot take just any jar type to pack your product especially if you deal with food products because some plastic jars can contaminate the products. Polyethylene terephthalate(PET or PETE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE)bottles are the safest plastic bottles for any product. So, you can go for either of them.


The next aspect to consider is the appearance. It needs to be suitable for your requirements. How can you decide what look will suit your requirements? As a great variety of jars like straight wall jar and Boston round plastic jar is available, you should first check for different types of jars suitable for your products and then check their appearances comprehensively. This will help you choose the jars with right appearance.


Width should be the third thing to consider.Plastic jars are available with different diameters. You should determine what diameter will be suitable for your product.


The fourth facet to consider should be the volume of the plastic jars. It completely depends upon the quantities in which you want to introduce your product. If you want to introduce your product in different sizes, you should choose jars in those different sizes.


A jar is incomplete without cap. It is important because a loose cap can affect the quality of the product. If your product is such that needs to be kept away from the reach of children, then you should go for jars with child-resistant cap.  Otherwise, you can choose jars with simple airtight caps.

Paying attention to these above mentioned points while shopping for bottles will enable you buy the right jars, so take heed.