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If you are accustomed to throwing out dropper bottles after using the products in them, this blog is for you.

After reading this blog, I am sure you will say with surprise –why didn’t I think of this earlier and use the bottles that I threw away!

Don’t worry. It is not late, because many products come in dropper bottles and you often purchase them.

Let’s now see how you can use the empty dropper bottles.

You Can Use Them In Your Kitchen

What? Can these be used in the kitchen? Yes. In fact, many kitchen items come in dropper bottles.  And you can re-use them to keep several daily use items, such as spices like cumin, cloves, fenugreek, and cardamom, after removing the dropper from them. However, clean them properly before re-using them in your kitchen. In addition to this, you can use them on your dining table to keep black pepper powder, sugar, and salt.

If you are wondering, what will people think? When they reach their homes, they will appreciate your intelligence and imitate you, because throwing out everything is easy, which anybody can do, but making good use of a useless item is something that only smart people do.

You Can Use It To Keep Your Handmade Sanitizer

Oh! You don’t know how to make sanitizer at home? Don’t worry. It’s easy. Take Aloe Vera gel, rubbing alcohol, and any essential oil that you love and mix them well. Now, your homemade sanitizer is ready to use. You can keep it in an empty dropper bottle.

Bath Salts

If you have a bottle of face oil fragrance, or essential oil, you can fill it with Epsom salts and leave it for several days. After many days, when you see it you will find it a great source of relaxation for you.

Hand-Washing Liquid For Travel

When you travel somewhere, you cannot carry the pump bottle of your hand-washing liquid. The small dropper bottle can be a great help to you at such times. You can take a small quantity of the fluid in the bottle and carry that with you anywhere.

These are just some smart uses of empty dropper bottles. If you think about it, you will discover several such interesting applications.

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