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When buying medical compounds through, in stores or online, you will have noticed the small bottles in which they are sold. While some medical supplies are stored and sold in small ampules, others are sold in bigger medical vials. To a user who is making the purchase as per the recommendations from specialized doctors, it may just seem to be the difference in the size of the storage container. But in terms of medical and pharmaceutical parameters, do you know the actual difference between the two? Here are the details you should know:

More About Ampules – Small, Single Dose Vials

Have you ever seen small vials with a sealed neck with intravenous injections packed in them? Ampules are small vials made of glass or plastic and are used to pack single dose drugs. Due to the sealed tip of the ampule, the stored drugs in them are protected from the effects of air, water and humidity, as well as contamination. In order to use the drugs, the ampule seal needs to be broken and, once that has been done, it cannot be stored and reused.

Medical Vials – Small Containers for Storing Drugs

If you are aware of the terms used in the medical industry, you will likely have heard about medical vials. For the storage of drugs in the form of serums, compounds, and liquids, glass vials are frequently used. Most of the intravenous injections available in the market are in the form of sealed vials and the stored drugs are drawn out through a syringe.

Also, mixed compounds are available in vials, whereas single compounds are stored in ampules, in specific volumes required for treatments in medical procedures.

Where You Can Buy Medical Vials

For medical and pharmaceutical needs, medical vials can be easily ordered online in bulk through a reputable medical bottles supplier. They are available in different sizes, which you can choose to meet your specific needs.

Shop online with Hemkund Remedies and buy high quality medical bottles and vials!

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