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Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Essential oil roller bottles, also known as roll-on bottles, are ideal for commercial and homemade products, such as perfumes and aromatherapy mixes. We offer a wide variety of sizes and colours of the essential oil glass roller bottles. The essential oil roller bottles are extremely versatile for many liquid products, but they are particularly popular for essential oils and perfumes.

We have many sizes of roll-on bottles in many sizes. This includes 2 ml essential oil roller glass bottles, 5 ml roller glass bottles, and 10 ml roll-on bottles. The roller can either be steel, a glass or a plastic ball. We also offer a diverse range of colours; including clear glass roller bottles, blue glass roll-on bottles, amber glass roller bottles, and black, clear, or purple frosted glass roller bottles. We also have ombre glass essential oil roller bottles, in varying colours combinations, Blue Green, Pink Blue, or Red Yellow. Additionally, our 10ml bottles have the option of black, gold, or silver caps.

For cosmetic products such as perfumes and essential oils, essential oil roller bottles are the perfect storage and dispensing solution. Order your essential oil roller bottles today.

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