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This will surprise you but is true that a pharmacist has more knowledge about medicines than a doctor. The pharmacist studies more about medicines than your doctor does. Therefore, you can ask your pharmacist many questions about the medications you may. Below we have listed 5 of the possible question to ask your pharmacist:

  • Is There Any Generic Option Available For The Recommended Medicine?

If a prescribed drug is too expensive, then you can inquire of pharmacist about a generic medicine for it. If there is a generic medicine available for recommended medicine, then your pharmacist will let you know. The generic drugs are quite cheaper than branded drugs. Most of the generic medicines have the same ingredients as the prescribed drugs however, some inactive ingredients may be different.

  • What Are The Major Side Effects And Instructions For The Medicine?

If you are going to use any medicine, then it is also necessary to know about its probable side-effects and instructions regarding their use. If you ask this question to your doctor, the doctor shouldn’t but may feel that you don’t trust them. To avoid this ask this question to your pharmacist.  The pharmacist will inform you of the probable side-effects and instruct you how should use the medicine to avoid those side effects.

  • What Should I Do If I Miss A Dose?

Though most people is careful about taking their medicine on time, sometimes they may get preoccupied with something that they forget to take their medication. You must inquire about this in advance what you should do in case you forget a dose. The pharmacist will answer your question, so you will be able to better deal with such situations.

  • How Long Of An Interval  You Should Keep Between Taking Two Medicines?

Your pharmacist understands the compounds used in the medicines so they can answer this question. They can answer how much difference you should keep between two medicines.

  • How Should I Store My Medicines?

You cannot keep your medicines just anywhere in your home. It is important to store it at the right place, or the medicines may become ineffective. You can ask this question to your pharmacist, and they will be able to answer.

These were the just five questions that you could ask your pharmacist at the time of taking prescribed medication.

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