Like many products, spices also need proper storage to remain usable for long. Choosing the wrong container makes the spices stale and unusable in a short time. Considering these three points will enable you to pick the right container for storing spices:

Safe From Air Exposure

Exposure to air can damage the quality of your spices. Air introduces moisture to the spices. They become stale, so they become useless. Therefore, they should be protected from air exposure. Glass jars Vancouver are the best choice for storing spices because they are non-porous. While choosing glass jars, you should make sure that the jar has an air-tight cap.

Safe From Light

The exposure to light can also damage the quality of the spices. Light destroys the freshness of the spices. So, if you choose glass jars Vancouver, you should choose a jar that blocks the light. Otherwise, you should keep that in the cabinet. You have one more option, you can choose metal containers. They can protect the spices from light damage.

The Size Of The Container

The last thing you should focus on is the size of the container. Small glass jars are considered better for storing spices than large ones. If you have a small jar, then it will have less empty air space in it as the spices get used up. The more vacant space a container has, the more the spices in the container become prone to air and moisture damage.

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