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Empty Capsule-How to Choose Right One

When it comes to buying the right empty capsules, two factors matter the most – the size of the capsule and the material that it is made of. Having proper information about these things will enable you to buy the right capsules for your desired purpose.

Guide you regarding these two important aspects.

The Size

Empty capsules are available in eight diverse sizes: #000, #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5. The most bizarre fact is #000 is the largest size and #5 is the smallest size. #000 capsule comprises almost 1.37ml medicines. #00 comprises almost 0.9ml medicines. #0 comprises almost 0.7ml medicines, #1 comprises almost 0.5ml medicines, #2 comprises 0.4ml medicines, #3 comprises 0.3ml medicines, #4 comprises 0.23ml medicines, and #5 comprises 0.13 ml medicines.

#000 and #00 are the most demanded empty capsule sizes. ‘They are the most demanded ones’ does not mean you should select either of them. You have now known the different sizes of the capsules and in what quantity they comprise medicines. Make the best decision based on the the quantity you want to provide in a dose.

Material Used in Manufacturing

Another important aspect important to focus on is the material used to create the capsule. There are two types of capsules available on the market – veg capsules made of cellulose obtained from poplar or pine trees and gelatin capsules made of beef or pork. Though gelatin capsules digest fast, you should be cautious before making your decision in their favor because beef and pork are associated with some people’s religious belief who avoid eating beef and pork. So, you should first know the constitution of your target audience and if they feel offended with the beef or pork, or are they comfortable with both.

Now that you have known why considering these points is important to buy the right capsules for you.

We provide high-quality empty capsules and empty capsules supplies in Vancouver at the best prices. If you have any uncertainty about the capsule size or material, please contact us. We will suggest you the best capsules based on your requirements.

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