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Changing trends around the world shows that e liquids have begun to replace smoking and changed the smoking experience as well. For a chain smoker, it has always been about keeping a pack of cigarettes handy to satisfy the desire to smoke. But with e cigarettes and e liquids, things have changed. There is a greater variety of e liquids which a vaper may enjoy, so they will often have many kinds at one time. Therefore, an important concern is preserving the quality of the e liquids for a better vaping experience. The quality of e liquids gets affected if they are not stored properly. So, storage of e juices is equally as important as experiencing them. A common question asked by vapers is related to the proper storage of e juices, which is not a complex task at all. With the use of e vapor glass bottles, it becomes easier to protect these juices from losing their freshness.

If you have bought e liquids in large quantities, here is what you need to know about their proper storage:

Proper Refrigeration           

Just as food and drinks are stored at home, keeping e liquids in the refrigerator preserves their quality for a long time. The lower temperature of the refrigerator protects the nicotine content of the e juice from reacting with the gases in the air around. This extends the usable life, or the shelf life, of all different flavors of e juices.

Knowing the Life Span of E juices

Beginners experiencing e vaping sometimes feel the change in flavor within different time periods for the e juice flavors they love to vape. It happens because of the varied shelf life of different flavors of e liquids. Some e liquids may turn stale within less time, while others a have longer life for which they remain fit for vaping. With proper storage, it is possible to extend this safe life period of e juices. When you know about the specific shelf life of different flavors of e liquids, then you can continue vaping safely.

Preventing Exposure to Heat and Light

Excessive exposure to heat and light make the e liquids lose their flavor. The effect is not much different than soft drinks which lose their flavor when left in sunlight for a long time. Keeping e juices in cool places protects their flavor.

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