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Shipping, Returns and Refunds


We ship all the “in stock” items using our quick courier service. The shipment depends on the time frame assured with respect to the order type. We initiate your shipment to the given shipping address upon receiving the credit card approval and complete payment from your side. We have no hidden costs/ charges once the final payment is made. There are no hidden costs for air shipments, freight etc.

We also offer free shipping for glass items above $700 value to anywhere in BC.

The delivery of the requested items depends on their availability in stock and the time frame depends on the shipping address. Delay caused for reasons not attributable to us are not our responsibility.

We give a tentative shipping time frame and estimate; however, the actual invoice will be generated along with the shipment. The shipping charges calculated at the time of order placement and delivery may vary at times due various factors such as product weight, order quantity, shipment weight etc.

Return Policy

There are times when our customers wish to return the products. If you want us to make a replacement due to damage then we are open to it. If you want to return a product then we will be glad to accept it provided that it is not damaged or tampered with. There will be a deduction of the shipping charged during this process since there is time and expense involved in shipping an order. Usually We charge a restocking fee of 25% for all orders if they are in the original condition of sale and brought back within 15 days of the order date.

We request all the visitors on the site to carefully read the product information before placing an order. It is advisable to place the right order to save us the time and money and to help you save deduction of the shipping charges.


As stated above, we do not refund the shipping charges. Once the original shipping charges are indicated against your order invoice, then the shipping charges are not refundable. Other than that, on return of an order, we refund back the entire amount provided that you placed in an incorrect order. However, we do not accept damaged returns. There are also no returns on the consumable items like the sugar pellets and medicines.