Glass Roll On bottle 5ml w/ steel Ball and Caps



Glass Roll On bottle 5ml w/ steel Ball and Caps

High quality Glass Roll On bottle 5ml w/ steel Ball and Caps is BPA free

Put your most popular Aromatherapy scents into a convenient Glass Roll On bottle 5ml w/ steel Ball and Caps. The Roll-on glass bottle fits nicely into purses or pockets for quick anytime application. Amber glass bottles with stainless steel roller is perfect for mixing your favorite essential oils, perfumes and other liquids. Roll-on vials are a handy way to share and apply essential oils, blends, and massage oils directly to the skin—simply smooth on as needed! The amber glass color helps protect contents from damaging UV light.

Glass Roll on bottle Product Description:

Glass Roll On bottles are perfect for commercial use and homemade products. We offer a wide range of glass roll-on bottles, also known as roller bottles. These roll-on glass bottles are extremely versatile for many liquid products, but they are particularly popular as essential oil roll on glass bottles.

This selection includes roll on bottles in many sizes and colors.

We have 2 ml roll on glass bottles, 5 ml glass roll on bottles, and 10 ml roll-on glass bottles, which can be ordered with either a steel ball or plastic ball. We also offer several colors of glass roll-on bottles, including clear glass roll-on bottles, blue glass roll-on bottles, amber glass roll-on bottles, black glass roll-on bottles, clear glass roll-on bottles, and even purple frosted glass roll-on bottles. To add to our collection, we also have Ombre glass roll-on bottles including wide variety of color combinations such as Blue Green, Pink Blue, and Red Yellow. Our 10ml frosted glass roll-on bottle with steel roll comes in different options of black, gold, and silver caps.

For cosmetic products such as perfumes and essential oils, roll on glass bottles are the perfect storage and dispensing solution. Order your roll-on glass bottles today.

Glass Roll on bottle Approximate Dimensions for labeling purposes:

For labeling purposes, the approximate dimensions of the Ombre glass roller bottles is 2.25" from bottom of cap to bottom of bottle, 2.5" circumference around, 0.75" diameter- Total bottle height is about 3.25".

Glass Roll on bottle Dimensions:

- These 5 ml roll on glass bottles with a stainless steel ball insert roller balls are 3.25" tall
- The bottle is .75" wide
- This roller bottle holds 1/3 oz liquid or 2.7 dram
- Total bottle height is about 3.25"
- Great for mixing your favorite essential oils to roll on as a perfume, etc
- Perfect for make and take roller to parties
- We are offering our best, wholesale prices to you. Bulk discounts are available
- If you would like to bulk order, please email us [email protected] for more offers
- Shipping available

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