Homeopathic Globules (Made in Germany)** Organic ** Lactose Free


Blank Organic sugar pellets ( made in Germany). Sizes #10, #20, #30, #35, And #40.

Quantity of product Homeopathic Globules (Made in Germany) can not be less than 5 LB

Homeopathic Globules (Made in Germany)** Organic ** Lactose Free

Homeopathic Globules are of vaious types:

  • Globuli Sacchari - Basic for your homoeopathic medicine free of excipients and preservatives and available in nearly every size for your production.
  • Sugar Spheres - Best carrier for your sustained-release formulation in a unique quality, based on a highly controlled and certificated manufacturing process.

Available sizes: #10, #20, #30, #35 and #40.

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