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A foam pump bottle is a clear plastic bottle fitted with an internal pump, which comes equipped with a clear cap. These bottles are perfect to be used with a facial cleanser. In fact, they can also be used with body wash or hand wash.

If you are looking to get the finest results, with good foaming, it’s good to make sure that the contents are water-thin. The pump dispense a creamy, lathery foam that makes one feel silky and smooth when applied on their skin.

How can you get a water-thin liquid?

To begin with, consider mixing a liquid soap or cleanser with distilled water by applying a 1:4 liquid soap to the ratio of water. Of course, the ratio will differ depending on what product you’re using and how thick it is to begin with. Experimenting to get the right ratio will work in your favour.

Equipped with a shielding clear cap and screw on foamer pump, foam bottles Vancouver are a wide necked bottle, which can be found in 3 sizes, including:

  • 50 ml
  • 100 ml
  • 120 ml

The look of these bottles is enhanced by a plastic (PET), which almost resembles glass. Foamer bottles are a container with a white aerator foaming cap with a controlled amount of foam produced. They usually don’t weigh much. But how do you go about producing a foam used for cleansing purpose?

Avoid using chemicals or aerosols. These bottles prove to be beneficial when used with shampoo or body wash, thin liquid soaps and cleansers, and body wash. Furthermore, they are fit to be used at home with polishes as well as products used for maintaining the health of one’s hair.

Plastic Foam Bottles

One of the greatest advantages of using foam bottles is that they are manufactured using superior quality, clear PET plastic that offers the best product visibility. To make things easier, foam bottles Vancouver come equipped with a plastic foamer dispenser head (white) and clear over cap.

These bottles provide you with a great functionality when used with plenty of beauty products, aside from being used for a number of products such as body cleansers, self tanning lotions, hair mousse, and so on.

Another benefit of using foam bottles is that it can help you save a considerable amount of money on the liquid being dispensed. When it comes to liquid soap, making use of the pump on condensed liquid will not serve your purpose besides wasting your money. Using foam bottles Vancouver will be the best bet, as it releases foam that you can use. In fact, using these bottle would be a good idea, as it allows you to contribute your bit in saving the environment.

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