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In the pharmaceutical industry, glass dropper bottles play a very crucial role when it comes to medicinal packaging. Not do only do these bottles offer several unique features, but they can also be used for a variety of applications.

Being one of the most essential packaging items, especially for medicines, all of us have used a glass dropper bottle at some point in time. We prefer buying these bottles when we are after an accurate liquid quantity for a specific purpose.

Why should you use glass dropper bottles?

Usually small in size with a dark colour, dropper bottles can be found in almost every home. The liquid which is dispensed through these bottles is intended for ‘drop by drop’ use. Loaded with some unique features, glass dropper bottles have always secured a firm place in the packaging industry and their demand is rising tremendously.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of using glass dropper bottles.

Accurate Dispensing

There are times when you need a few drops of medicine. And you will have a hard time measuring much-needed drops, unless there is a dropper attached to the glass bottle. The use of these bottles will provide you with accurate dispensing of liquid. This is the reason why these glass bottles have become so popular among people looking for a very accurate quantity of liquid.

As a glass dropper bottle are not poured due to the dropper attached on top, they give the right amount of medicine in the form of a liquid. That way adverse affects on one’s health due to overuse can be avoided.


Another great benefit of using glass dropper bottles is they come equipped with tight caps, which keep the liquid inside protected. In fact, these liquids are deemed safe to use for a longer period of time. Tight caps do not allow moisture and air to enter the bottle. Many essential oils cannot be exposed to light or the sun. Thus, many glass dropper bottles are made in a darker shade, so that the liquids inside them can stay protected.

Safe Materials

One of the reasons why people choose the use of glass dropper bottles is because they are made from 100% food safe materials. Not only are these materials recyclable, they are also free from chemicals.

The use of a glass dropper bottle has proven to be immensely beneficial not only for people, but for the environment as well. These bottles are considered the best for storing any product type. You don’t even have to worry about the quality of the content inside getting affected. Available in a fully eco-friendly design, these bottles are one of the sustainable options available for packaging. Need we say more?

Glass dropper bottles provide you with complete control of the liquid, so they allow you to keep waste to a minimum. In addition, these bottles can be found in different sizes, so you can choose the one suited to your needs and other preferences.

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